2023: the first FIOI harvest!

FIOI, the Italian Federation of Independent Olive Growers, is born this year and Poggiopiano couldn’t wait longer to be part of it.

FIOI brings together and associates the vital forces of the Italian olive growing world: small and medium-sized artisanal olive growing companies that can guarantee the authenticity, artisanal character, origin and quality of olive oil, monitoring the entire production cycle from the field to the bottle.

The common purpose is representing the complex and multifaceted reality of the national olive production world, concerned about protecting the high quality artisanal production.

FIOI is an Independent Federation managed by the olive growers themselves: agricultural companies that have no involvement with the olive oil industry system. With personal presence and activities, olive growers preserve and protect the agricultural land by personally guaranteeing the careful monitoring of the entire supply chain of our own product.

Italy can count on the largest olive varieties heritage in the world – over 580 varieties of olive trees – thanks to the multiplicity of soils and diversity of microclimates, a heritage of extremely high value that we risk losing: olive growers are the guardians of this heritage .

However, olive growers cannot carry on these ideas without you, the Consumers!

By purchasing our extra virgin olive oil you contribute to all of this, as well as enriching your diet with an element that is among the foundations of the healthiest diet in the world – the Mediterranean Diet!

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