Granaio all’ombra
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Once a storage room for threshed grain to feed farm animals, today a cosy 25 sqm room for 2-3 people, accessible to the diversely able. With direct outdoor access from the Loggia, this room has double bed, single bed and bathroom with shower. Its vaulted terracotta brick ceiling and high windows that let the morning sun filter in, witness its authenticity. “Granaio all’Ombra” and “Granaio al Sole” can be connected to form a two-room apartment suitable for 4-5 people, with 2 bathrooms and 2 exits to the outside area. Accessible to the diversely able, too.
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Request information on the incredible experience at Agriturismo Poggiopiano, 7 km from the historic center of Florence. You will be surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and you will be able to enjoy our products and our panoramic swimming pool.