Fienile al sole
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The little stone house near the farmhouse faces the same cobbled courtyard called Aia. After a whirlwind in the 60s, the front part was heavily damaged and was then restructured in 1999 giving value to charme and brightness of this building. FIENILE AL SOLE is a nice and functional 35 sqm two-room apartment with bedroom with a double bed, bathroom with shower and a small living room with big windows and equipped kitchenette with dishes and cookware, two-burner gas stove, fridge and little fireplace. The private veranda can help you refresh mind and body during the summer nights. Air-conditioned.
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Request information on the incredible experience at Agriturismo Poggiopiano, 7 km from the historic center of Florence. You will be surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and you will be able to enjoy our products and our panoramic swimming pool.